Toraja Panels

Left (A): 73"L x 62 1/2"H; Right(B):76"L x 63"H

A fine pair of architectural panels, Toraja, Sulawesi. Rare, ancient and unusual panels. Dates back to 19th century/early 20th century.

Toraja Panels

Bali Pillar Base-Call for pricing

Sulawesi Dulang 1

Iran Jaya

Bali Barongs head

Flores Hair Piece

Bali Pillar Base 2-Call for pricing

Dayak Ironwood Fish

Dayak Bowl

Dayak Baby Coffin

Batak Magic Figure

Sulawesi Dulang 2

Sulawesi Dulang 3

Toraja Tau Tau Head, Sulawesi

Sulawesi Dulang 4

Small Batak Figure

Borneo Figure

Flores Figure

Dayak Aso-Call for Pricing

Dayak Post

Sumba Posts

Dayak Protective Figures-Call for pricing

Dayak Spoon Charm

Lombok Stick

Timor Etos

Dayak Patongs

Dayak Panel Figure

Dayak Charm

Ancient Sulawesi

Dayak Protective

Dayak Drum

Dong Song Rain Drum

Dayak 1-Call for pricing

Dayak 2-Call for pricing

Dayak 3-Call for pricing

Dayak 4-Call for pricing

Dayak 5-Call for pricing

Dayak 6-Call for pricing

Dayak 7-Call for pricing

Nias Coconut Grinder


Dayak Protective Figure, Patong

Dayak Figure


Iban Weaving Tool

Nias Figure

Dayak Figure-Call for pricing

4 Dayak Posts

Timor Post


Patong policy

Dayak Panel

Sulawesi coral stone figure

Funerary Figure, toraja

Funerary Figure

Wayan kulit

Nias Sword

Lombok Sword

Iran Jaya axe

Iran Jaya axe 2


Timor spoon

Alor Staircase- Call for pricing

Toraja door 2

Toraja door 3

Toraja door 4

Nias Panel

Dayak Panel-Call for pricing

Toraja Panel 1

Toraja Panel 2

Toraja Panel 3

Toraja Panel 4

Timor panel

Dayak Charm


Toraja Panel

Dayak Staircase-Call for pricing

Water Vessel Holder

Asmat Shield

Dayak Baby Shield

Dayak Shield with Hair

Ancient Dayak Coffin Cover

Toraja Door

Batak Door

Mentawai Panels-Call for pricing

Mentawai Architectural Panels-Call for pricing

Ancient Coffin- Call for pricing

Batak Ceremonial Hairpieces

Tortoise Shell Bracelets

Batak Lime Box

Batak Lime Box

Asmat Drum

Dayak Container

Sumba Offering Box

Batak String Instrument

Rice Mortar

Dayak Bamboo Container

Nias Shield

Fossilized Mammoth Tooth

Sumba Hairpiece

Chicken Kris

Timor Mask

Dayak Charm

Stone Megalith-Call for pricing

Palambang Ceremonial Silk Tapestry - call for pricing

Dayak Mask

Dayak Mask

Java Mask

Java Mask

Timor mask

Népalaise mask

Bali Deco

Bali Deco